UB state of mind

wahhahahahahahah хүмүүсээ би энд яг үхэж далд орох гэж байна, элэг хөшлөө яанааа ха ха. За дагаад дуулаарай, инээд минь дээд цэгтээ хүртэл тулаад би лав дагаж дуулж чадахгүй байна

Yeah Imma up in Zavkhan
Now I’m down in Embassy
Next to the Millie’s
But I’ll be hodoo forever
I’m the new Sukhbaatar
I used to live in a ger
Now I can live anywhere
Want to live everywhere
I used to cop in Khoroo 6
All of my Mongolchuud
Right there off of Peace Ave
Please I think I’ll skip the Khaan Buuz
Take me to my veg spot
Stuppa Cafe tasty
Eaten Mutton friendly, vegan tasty pastries
Cruising down Seoul Street
Grand Khaan Irish
Grab pint then go
Cuz I just want the BD dish
Time to catch a kino flick
Oroo or Tengis
Grab myself some Popcorn
Simply flash the Chingis
Now we’re off to Metro
Where young Mongol go
Sak, Ih Mongol
Town be filled with discos
Damn I be shartsan
I could party to three
Tell by my attitude that I’m most definitely from

Hang with your Mongol shorty
Though it’s negative forty
Talking about UB
Throw back your daquri
wait a minute it’s baixgui
That’s UB UB

Catch me at Sky Resorts going down ski slopes
frost bite and wind be freezing off my ear lobes
You should know I shoot guns, on every other Saturday
Got a guide buddy hooks me up with Soviet AKs
Maybe drive a mongol tank
Maybe shoot a rocket
1,000 tugriks a round
Straight empty out my pockets
Khaan Buuz, Zochin Buuz, Guanz Buuz, rumblings
Eating tasty, mutton filled, juice excreating dumplings
2 million stories out there and they’re chilly
Grandmas wear mongol dels without looking silly
Me I got one made out of green suede
Got my mongol buus on I’ve got it made
Shagai Toglom
Huzur champion
Javklant please bust out the national anthem
Sukhbaatar Statue, Gandan Monastry
Long live the khan xot
I’m from the blue sky xot that’s

My god it is so cold just fell through a manhole
That’s UB

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